Donating to littlewhitey's SA-MP server

Thank you for being interested in donating to littlewhitey's SA-MP server. Your donation will definitely support the server, and we thank you massively for taking time out of your day to consider it.


Littlewhitey's server is open to receive donations through PayPal to keep the server alive and in return players are given some extra commands and benefits which will be named below. Please either use your local currency, or USD (please don't convert it to anything else!).

You need to donate at least 5 USD to receive donator status on forums and on the SA-MP server. Donating does not guarantee immunity against bans/kicks or any other preferential treatment! Please do not pressurise admins by saying you donated.


The information shared during the donation process will remain completely confidential, including the amount that was donated, and the details of who donated.

Donator benefits

Ability to set your spawn anywhere you want (at your own risk!) with /setspawn.
You can add nitro to your car for free without visiting transfenders, by using /nos.
You can change the color of your vehicles with /cc.
You can add rims and hydraulics to your vehicles with /pimp.
/me is now free of charge.
Your bank limit is increased from 5 million to 7 million.
The limit to send money to players is changed from $350,000 to $1,000,000
VIP chat in-game for donators only.
Spawn with $5,000 instead of $500 as regular players do.
/flowers to spawn flowers.
/donators to know who are the current donators in-game.
Access to the donator's club.
Access to donator's vehicles in the roof above the donator's club.
You are given voice in the #lw.echo channel to talk to players in-game and send private messages from there.
A private section in the forums for donators only.
A private IRC channel for donators only.

How to donate

If you're still interested in helping us out with server costs, then we firstly thank you massively. Your donation will definitely be appreciated.

To donate, all you need to do is click the button below. Please remember when you are filling out the form that you need to donate at least 5 USD in order to get your donator privileges. Once you have donated, please PM an SA-MP management member on the forums with a screenshot of the PayPal receipt, so we can confirm that you donated, and give you your donator status.

Thank you.
Donate to littlewhitey's SA-MP server